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OpenID for PostNuke

Contributed by on Apr 16, 2008 - 10:04 AM

For about one and a half month ago I wrote a piece on OpenID. If you haven't read that yet and is interested in OpenID then please read it here - it will explain the whole OpenID background.

For those of you that haven't heard about OpenID yet, here is the very short explanation: OpenID is a relatively new web-technology for managing your online identity. It's primary purpose is to facilitate Single Sign On across independent websites. This means you can create yourself an OpenID identity and use that for login in to different websites without having to retype your password over and over again.

When I wrote the last article I promissed to deliver an OpenID implementation for PostNuke, and, well, here it is! You can now download OpenID from the NOC OpenID project page.

By installing this module you enable your users to:

  • Register an OpenID with their PostNuke account and login with this OpenID. The OpenID manager page can be found in the user account panel (Profile).

  • Create an account on your website using OpenID's registration process.

The OpenID module requires PostNuke version .8 from SVN (april 15th) - and probably also PHP 5.x since a required extension "domxml" is not delivered with PHP 4.x.

So don't hesitate - get your website OpenID enabled today and save yourself (and your customers) the hazzle of managing multiple user accounts.

Intra-web usage

You can use OpenID for Single Sign On between closed "intra-webs". For this
you must have a trusted OpenID Identity Provider (IP) - either your own or an
external one. Then you add a filter on the OpenID admin pages - this filter
should allow access from your trusted IP and deny access from any other
provider. In this way only users from your trusted IP will be allowed to access
your website.

Read more

You can find lots of information about OpenID around the web. The most obvious place to start is of course But at you can get a free copy of the 200+ pages OpenID book from Rafeeq Ur Rehman. This should satisfy even the most curious people

Enjoy, Jørn Wildt