Flexible Content Management System


MediaAttach RC 1 released

Contributed by on Mar 07, 2008 - 07:33 PM

Functional features

  • With the display and delete hooks file uploads become possible in all hook-capable modules.

  • Many different file types are supported (images, music, videos, archives, documents, ...)

  • The most formats can be displayed embedded.

  • Enhanced file information like for example ID3 tags are read and cached with pnRender.

  • Also emedding external videos (e.g. YouTube, Google or Dailymotion) is possible.

  • Users can send files to themselves in mails.


  • Files can be stored outside the web root, which is advisable absolutely.

  • If this is not possible, a .htaccess file can be created automatically for protecting direct access.

  • Therefore all access is handled by module functions and permissions.

  • A quota support cares for bounded storage limits.


  • Users can manage their own files in the profile.

  • With a Scribite plugin for Xinha media can be inserted in the editor easily.

  • A support for needles in the MultiHook also provides possibilities to include files in other content.

  • A Guppy plugin for Pagesetter is enclosed as well to be able to define MediaAttach fields.

  • Also the Content module is being supported by a flexible plugin.

  • More profound integration possibilities for special modules exist with create and update hooks.


  • An import from the file system is possible.

  • Moreover import options for Downloads 2, Mediashare, PhotoGallery and pnUpper are ready.


  • Direct support for Categories.

  • Images can be scaled down.

  • Space-saving multi uploader if JavaScript is available.

  • Thumbnails can be cut out individually if desired.

  • The new search functionality is being supported.

  • The creation of bit torrents for files is possible.

  • Comprehensive PDF manual.

MediaAttach can be used as easy as every other display hook module (for example EZComments). But if one engages in it, he quickly perceives that the strengths of this module are it's flexibility and it's adaptability. It not only unifies file management and media integration, but can also be used as a gallery for example. Different annexed template sets illustrate several possible applications.

Also interesting is that one can activate MediaAttach also for MediaAttach itself which leads amongst others to the possibility to attach media to other media items.

The module offers concluding dozens possibilities which can all be used, but may not. For this reason it is excellently suited for being employed in project-specific areas and is furthermore in line with our framework idea why it is going to constitute an enrichment certainly.


Have fun with testing and giving feedback :)