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What's going on?

Contributed by on Nov 20, 2007 - 03:07 AM

1. Sure with a broken NOC/SVN and Mark West on holidays there was not much acitivty in the SVN but now that both Mark and SVN are back we are fixing the remaining bugs for the RC2.

2. A name for the rebranding has been chosen. The Postnuke Foundation is currently in the process of trademark- and domain registration. The legal stuff seems to take some time. It won't contain a P or a N - so if you plan any new modules you shouldn't call them pnThisAndThat.

3. Speaking of module development:

a) Axel Guckelsberger of the Steering Committee just presented his diploma thesis: Modulestudio will not only revolutionize the way of programming Postnuke modules. It is way ahead of other similar systems. There will be a free version available but this will be a limited version.

Modulestudio, Google Video

b) Jørn Wildt started the work on the content module we discussed some months ago here and at the pnMeeting. This module is simply called "Content" and it uses all the new stuff in .8. The principle behind "Content" is that you first choose the layout of the article you want to write (1 column, 2 colums, whatever you like) and then you place blocks of content inside this layout with a smooth javascript interface. These blocks can contain text, images, videos, Google Maps aso. More blocks can be included as plugins.

c) As Jørn Wildt ceased work on Pagesetter ("I does all I need and it runs with .8") German programmer "Kundi" has picked up this work. He completely rewrites Pagesetter in order to remove Jørn's Guppy form framework and to include .8's Form framework, workflows aso. His first release will do everything that Pagesetter 6.3 does and it will be able to import from Pagesetter. Kundi is currently looking for a nice new module name. Any suggestions?

d) Robert Gasch works on a shopping module which won't be GPL - I was able to take a preview and it looks very adult and I think it will be worth it's money.

e) The last time I looked at pnUpper it was kind of a niche module that I never really had any use for. Axel Guckelsberger is currently turning it into a full fletched media library for the central storage of any kind of media to be used in other modules. Thus he renamed it to MediaAttach.


4. Now that the NOC seems to be kind of stable again we hope to have time to replace it with a less complicated software. We are evaluating Trac for example and we found someone who has some experience with the migration of GForge to Trac. Do you know any other software that could replace the basic functions of the NOC? Bugtracker, release management, news, SVN?